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MGP: JOWST wins the ticket to Kyiv!

A - søndag, 12 mars 2017 16:30

Yesterday evening Melodi Grand Prix took place in Oslo’s Spektrum so Norway finally has an entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest! It was an evening full of surprises where initial favourites disappointed and new favourites were born.

The show started with a fun opening of ‘aliens’ landing into MGP. I couldn’t understand a lot as I don’t speak Norwegian, but I enjoyed watching it and could totally imagine it on a Eurovision stage. After that it was soon time for all ten candidates to perform their songs. The absolute highlight of the show for me was Amina Sewali’s performance of Mesterverk. For me she was vocally superb even though a little out of breath sometimes and the stage act had a lot of potential for further improvement. Unfortunately one of the night’s favourites Kristian Valen had quite the opposite going on with a very poor vocal. It truly seemed to be a struggle on stage for him.

After the international juries mentioned their favourite acts and the televote was added up, four candidates were announced for the superfinal and each of them got to perform once again.

The superfinalists – in order of announcement – were:

  •          JOWST – Grab the moment
  •          Ulrikke – Places
  •          Elin & The Woods – First step in faith
  •          Ammunition – Wrecking crew

After a last televoting round in which we got to see a stunning performance by Agnete the final results were announced.

JOWST came out as the winner. Joakim With Steen is the producer and composer of this song, along with Jonas McDonnell who wrote the lyrics. The singer is Aleksander Walmann. “Grab the moment” proved to be a modern song with a very effective staging and visual effects. Before their reprise both were extremely happy and surprised with the victory. In Kyiv it will be up to them to get Norway back in the final. They will perform in the second semi-final.

One last note from me: I absolutely love the MGP-medley played while the winners come on stage. It proves once again Norway has had some great winners. If only every country would end their national finals this way!