16.mars 2017 - 14:10

English update week 14


The national final season is over! Last weekend Lithuania, Sweden, Iceland and of course Norway chose their 2017 candidate for Eurovision. The other countries have presented their songs, except Armenia that will do so on Saturday. As the Heads of Delegation of each country are now meeting in Ukraine, there’s also some other news to share.

More about that later. First let’s take a look at the latest song reveals and national final results! Click on the country name to watch the available videos.

National finals:

Norway: there are always countries where an outsider takes the lead and ‘grabs’ the Eurovision ticket! That certainly goes for Norway this year where JOWST turned out to be the big winner. With an at the same time relaxing and visually exciting performance their song “Grab the moment” was preferred by the international juries and Norwegian televote. More details on MGP here

Lithuania: the massive 10-week selection process came to an end with the final of 7 songs. The electronic band Fusedmarc became the winner which wasn’t completely surprising as in the last few weeks they were considered more and more as favourites for the victory. Fusedmarc consists of singer Victoria Ivanovskaya and Denis Zujev who among other things plays guitar and bass. With their song “Rain of revolution” they hope to reach the final once again. 

Iceland: no surprises in Iceland where Svala, who has been the favourite to win Söngvakeppnin since the songs were released in January, convincingly won the final with “Paper”. Iceland’s been struggling at Eurovision for some years and in the last two editions they didn’t make it to the grand final. 

Sweden:  Robin Bengtsson won Melodifestivalen with his co-written song “I can’t go on”. Last year he already participated with “Constellation prize” and made it to the final where he ended 5th. On his second try in MF he was successful mainly thanks to the international jury who put him on top. The sms/app vote was won by Nano and Robin was only the third in it, but it was still enough to win because of the gap after the jury vote. 

Song reveals:

Montenegro:  on Friday “Space” was finally presented, complete with video. As was to be expected, both song and video are quite extravagant. Montenegro sends a unique entry with some potentially ambiguous lyrics. 

FYR Macedonia: Jana Burčeska song “Dance alone” has been revealed on the same day and has come as a welcome surprise to many. Unlike any of their previous participations, Jana has come up with a modern dance entry with a Swedish touch (a first as well!)  that quite a few people place high in their rankings. 

Ireland: it was already mentioned in the previous update – Ireland was the first country on Friday to reveal a song. In case you missed it, Brendan Murray’s song is called “Dying to try” is a big ballad. 

Serbia: “In too deep” is the song for Serbia and the video that Tijana Bogićević and her team made for it was presented on Saturday. It’s one of the most international entries that Serbia has entered in the contest. 

Bulgaria: his name was rumoured for some time already and on Monday the Bulgarian broadcaster BNT officially confirmed that the 16-years old Kristian Kostov will sing “Beautiful mess” for Bulgaria in Kyiv. Unlike the title might suggest, the song is actually a ballad composed by largely the same team that made Poli Genova’s “If love was a crime”. 

San Marino: it’s not the first time but certainly unique for Eurovision in the last decades that an artist returns to Eurovision for the 4th time! Indeed, Valentina Monetta is back for San Marino, this time in duet with American-born singer Jimmie Wilson. Just like Valentina’s previous attempts the song is written by Ralph Siegel. Apparently the Sammarinese broadcaster has a weakness for disco, as “Spirit of the night” is a disco song in line with their last entry by Serhat. 

Russia: for a long time the Russian participation seemed uncertain, so the presentation of their participant and song on the Sunday evening news came out of nowhere. Just like in the last few years the broadcaster has made an internal choice. Several names were rumoured but Julia Samoylova’s name didn’t figure in them. The 27-years old singer is wheelchair-bound but got known to the Russian audience though her participation in the talent show Factor A (similar to X-Factor). She also performed at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in 2014. Her song “Flame is burning” reminds a bit of previous Russian entries from 2013-2014. 

Other news:

Earlier this week, the Heads of Delegation (HoD) meeting was held in Kyiv where all countries officially submitted their songs for the next Eurovision Song Contest.

Since the Russian entry came out, there has been doubts on whether the Ukrainian authorities will allow Julia Samoylova to compete as she is believed to have visited the Crimea Peninsula after Russia occupied it, which is considered illegal by Ukraine. The authorities are investigating the situation. In a press conference at the HoD meeting EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand stated that it is up to Ukraine to make a decision. He hopes a solution can be found but will respect whatever decision will be made. To be continued...

As host country Ukraine also got to make the draw for their position in the running order during the Grand Final on Saturday 13 May. 

The main news to be expected for this week is of course the last song reveal from Armenia. At some point after that the running orders for the semi-finals will be presented as well. We're also still waiting on a few final versions, such as the 3 minutes-version of Italy and a studio version from the Lithuanian entry. Stay tuned!