20.april 2017 - 20:15

English update week 19


After last week's breaking news that Russia is out of this year's Eurovision it's been a rather quiet week. Or so it seems, as obviously every performer and delegation is busy with the last preparations before departing to Kyiv for the rehearsals and the semi-finals and/or final. These were the highlights of last week:

  •  In the first and second rehearsal of Portugal Salvador Sobral will be replaced by his sister Luisa, due to health issues which make it impossible for him to be in Ukraine for the full two weeks. This mean that the first dress rehearsal of the first semi-final (on 8 May) will give Salvador his premiere at the stage in Ukraine.
  • JOWST and the NRK are requesting the EBU to allow them to use the pre-recorded voice samples as can be heard in the song. Whether their request will be accepted is not known yet. In case the EBU won't allow to use the pre-recorded vocals, JOWST already has a version without vocal samples. On Wednesday the 3rd of May JOWST and Aleksander Walmann will rehearse for the first time, so that's probably when we will find out about the EBU's decision.
  • Jamala will perform in the first semi-final and in the grand final. Also Ruslana and the Ukrainian band ONUKA will perform during the final. 

As a bonus, several of this year's candidates have been releasing new versions (acoustic and/or remixes). Listen to example Israel, Croatia and Cyprus

Next week another update on all the latest preparations for the rehearsals in Kyiv, just a few days before they start. Also, it will be the last update of this season from my hand... Until then!