26. april 2017 - 22:25

English update week 20

Skrevet av

The countdown for Kyiv is almost over, in a few days the first countries will start with their rehearsals on stage of the IEC in Kyiv. A quick update on the latest news:

  • Usually the staging for each country is kept strictly secret until the artists rehearse for the first time. However, this year quite a bit is leaking out already as the NTU releases videos with (parts of) stand in rehearsals. I haven't seen them, so no updates about what each singer will do. The clips are out there for who is curious!
  • The official album and karaoke album have been released digitally. On Friday the physical cd's - and LP's - will come out. 
  • Demy has released the Greek version of her song "This is love". You can listen to "Oso zo" here

And with this comes an end to the weekly updates in English from my part. Good luck to all participants and for all the fans - may your favourite(s) do very well! 

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